West Tech Diesel

West Tech Diesel is a Specialized Workshop for: Diesel Injection Systems Turbocharger, AdBlue Systems, Particulate Filters DPF / CAT Cleaning, Mercedes Trucks Spare Parts Sales

Diesel component repairs have certainly taken off, and many of those involved in this field can confirm the quality and seriousness we support. The West Tech Diesel team from Arad, with over 15 years of experience in the field, continues its work with the same passion as at the beginning. Our strengths are the well-trained team members and the technical equipment we have.

Any defect has a cause, for this reason we want to instruct our customers, both car mechanics and our end customers, on complex situations that can lead to damage to injectors / injection pumps / turbines / DPF filters, retarders, compressors air, electronic components or AdBlue systems. All these systems are connected to each other thru a chain of events.

Poor quality or contaminated fuel can affect the components of the engine. The injectors are the parts with the highest degree of precision in the whole engine, and the turbocharger is the most requested component on the engine. Either of these two systems does not perform its task, problems occur with the DPF filters. Poor AdBlue or improper use of retarder braking systems, even driving, affects your overall engine condition.

Leakage of nozzles and increased return of injectors are the most common defects of these parts. In these situations, it can be normal wear (200k – 300k km on passenger cars and 600k – 800k on trucks) or premature wear caused by impurities in the diesel that reaches the pumps and injectors. In order to correctly identify and solve problems on customer parts, it is necessary to have a well-trained team and work devices specific to the diesel field.

Findings and repairs of Diesel or Gasoline turbochargers are not a problem for us. We accept any challenge from all field’s where turbocharged engines are used: Transport, Construction, Industrial and Agriculture. In the absence of repair components for John Deere, JCB and Fendt Hybrid turbochargers, we are pleased to offer you new turbochargers at the most convenient prices available to our customers.

The turbo flow rate adjustment is performed on stands called Flowbench. whether the turbocharger is equipped with a vacuum actuator or an electronic actuator.

Central balancing and adaptation of Hellas, Siemens VDO or Mitsubishi electronic actuators, present on turbochargers, is possible on the dedicated stands in our workshop.

We perform a special pressure test applied to the center of the turbocharger to observe possible oil leaks on the exhaust or air intake side.

The 3rd branch of the Diesel field that we approached in January 2019 is the Professional Cleaning of DPF Catalysts and Particulate Filters

For the most part, I have noticed that there is a great need to resolve the causes that caused the engine failure. Here are examples of how the 3 systems are connected to each other and how they affect each other:

Interconnected causes:

a. Driving submerged through the city -> soot deposition in DPF and Turbocharger -> blockage or turbine failure / DPF or total engine failure due to automatic / forced regeneration or a faulty turbocharger can lead to engine failure if you throw too much oil on admission or evacuation, Engine and Turbo overheating due to forced DPF regenerations.

b. Engine error from sensor / dampers / EGR -> until the problem is fixed on the engine, no automatic regenerations are done on the car -> if a certain period of time with these errors circulates, then the list can be resumed defects from point a.

c. Engine overhauls not carried out in time or when overhauls are made, filters and cheap oils are added -> the list of defects is resumed from point a.

d. Poor diesel that causes you to wear the injectors -> defective injectors do not atomize diesel fuel properly, as a result of calamine deposits appear throughout the engine (Turbine, EGR, DPF)

e. Weak diesel that has not yet worn out the injection system, but is deposited in the DPF -> The loaded DFP requires regeneration. If the regenerations are not performed properly, then the following situations occur: The turbine may fail because it is subjected to high temperatures or the regeneration process may cause your diesel to reach oil and dilute your engine oil -> premature wear to the entire engine.

f. Turbo blower oil in DPF -> the oil completely blocks the DPF and then the defects in point e appear.

In order to obtain very good results we have developed a very rigorous process, composed of the following steps:

-Determining the degree of loading by viewing with the video camera / endoscope and measuring back pressure

-After the status of the DPF is communicated to the client and the conditions have been accepted, we proceed to the washing procedure:

a. Rinse with water at 75 degrees C
b. Washing 1 with ecological detergent (Danish production)
c. Wash 2 (changing direction of flow)
d. Washing with SPIT (high pressure blows, intermittent air to water)
e. Rinse with clear water until all traces of impurities have disappeared
f. Hot air drying

The steps in the process mentioned above can be repeated as many times as we consider necessary to obtain optimal cleaning and the highest quality for our customers. At the same time, at the first cleaning steps it will be possible to see if the particle filter or catalyst is defective / cracked / melted, in which case it will have to be replaced, the cleaning will not make any improvement.

The 4th branch in our field of activity is the reconditioning of the AdBlue system for the Mercedes trucks with Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. We perform detailed pressure checks, CAN communication between components and flow tests of the components that make up the NOX reduction system for Mercedes Actros, Atego, Arocs, Axor and Antos Euro 5 and 6 applications. AdBlue Pump, AdBlue Dispenser, ACM (Abgas Computer Modul)

The 5th branch of our company is the spare parts sale of exclusive Mercedes Euro 5 and 6 trucks. The large stocks of NEW, Reconditioned and Used parts make us the customers favorite choice. To every customer demand we react quickly and accurately. Various engine, transmission or electronics components can be ordered and shipped out via DHL worldwide, so that all our customers can continue to honor their commitments.

The attention paid to details and ingenious methods puts us in front of the competition. In addition to high quality parts, we also provide useful instructions that can help our customers solve problems as well as the causes that cause damage to those engines..